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The fully-functioning church school is .. itself a religious community

One in which different sorts of behaviour are followed and nurtured: . . .where, above all, it is assumed that what is of consuming and urgent interest is not just a set of individual goals for teacher or student, nor the meeting of targets imposed by management (significant as these may be) but a range of concerns about common humanity, expressed in actions and relations and worship; where the culture takes it for granted that there should be argument and involvement – in the most ‘inclusive' way – about the needs of neighbours and of strangers, and space for stillness and thought and growth I want equally to emphasise for the sake of the Church that the church school's ‘culture' . . . can provide a crucial experience of what the Body of Christ means, for those, adults and young people, who would not otherwise see it.”

From The Archbishop of Canterbury's Exeter address, 2003.

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